Lightning cables are a standard feature of most iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices. With lightning cables, you can charge your devices quickly and easily. There are many cables on the market, but if you carry an iPhone, you should be using a lightning cable that has a certification from Paracable. Relying on a cable that wasn't designed to be compatible with your device is a big risk. That's why our "MFI Certification" means we meet Apple's strict quality control standards. Our cables are designed to work with your device and are guaranteed to work perfectly with your device.

We all know that a cable can't be replaced if it breaks, but we also know that our cables are built to last. Unlike many other companies, we're willing to take the risk and pay out of pocket for a replacement cable if you have a problem with your current one. But this is only the first step. We're also proud to say that if your cable breaks or malfunctions anytime in the first 2 years, we'll replace it for free. Now, what's better than free?


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