If Louis Vuitton and Gucci is a bit on the nose for you already, The Delmond Clothing Company, takes it to the logical extreme. A super high quality hand crafted clothing from all natural materials like cotton, wool and linen that grabs even actors from Hollywood attention for a last few years, is finally coming to Beverly Hills - to be even closer to their loyal customers.


Major clothing brand ambassadors in California has admitted that it's refreshing to see so far less-known brand breakthrough with a clear value proposition on high-priced luxury goods with way to far acceptable prices without compromising on fabric: if it's a wool - it's a Italian merino, if it's linen - it comes from selected farms in France. The positioning of a quality, which is the essential cornerstone of Delmond Clothing cuts through the noise and aligns well with broader post-consumerism consumer movements, but it's still more than a little ironic that such a young and in general unknown brand-name shifts largest fashion giants down for a market share.

The Delmond Clothing announcement of entering U.S. market gave a nice glimpse into the creative reasoning behind the passion of being breathlessly grandiose and superior in hand crafted quality apparel. 


Fashion designer from Bulgaria Miroslav Georgiev started Delmond Clothing company for locals to have a quality outfit, however his work broke into the mainstream this year with an extreme sales during pandemic in U.S and Dubai. One of the most notable trademarks of Delmond Clothing is that just about everything is handmade from highest quality fabrics available worldwide. "Hand crafted quality is what pulls it off and now makes Delmond Clothing a part of Grammy and Oscar nominees wardrobes that was not long ago even dreamed about", admits Miroslav.


This will be the 4th boutique retail store opened by Delmond Clothing company and the first one outside of a Europe - in U.S. and besides active work on expansion Delmond Clothing has just launched his Summer 2020 collection which is available already today at companies online store - delmondclothing.com

We have prepared some pictures from Delmond's 2020 Summer collection for you to enjoy and understand yourself reasons while suddenly stars are choosing Delmond Clothing over previously famous Italian branded clothing giants.


Visit Online Store: delmondclothing.com