Today we got up and since we are up - have been walking all day through temples and streets and shops. We found a nice vegetarian place in Guilin - right next to Buddhist temple.

By the way - about Buddha - in Hinduism it is believed that Buddha is the 9th Avatar of Vishnu, or more widely knows as Krishna.

We did prayers in every temple we went to. But more today I wish to write about Xishan park mountain temple. So all temple is an underground cave system in one of the mountains and its all underneath the ground.

Between many Buddhas and Rakshas drawn on the walls, the passages leads deap deap under ground, with a cold air inside and some pure mountain stream which collects here and there into small bowls of water from where monks can drink.

Top of mountains are covered with tracks and small praying places with pictures and drawings of Buddha. 

We did our prayers for happiness of everyone in this temple. We hope you are as happy as we are! And then we wished a happiness also to the fishes in a lake:) by giving out food for them :)

Hare Om