Morning started at wake-up call at 6. Laying in the tent made on my bed but still I found 6 mosquitoes whose hunger for my blood somehow made them manage to get inside a tent.

Afterwards I killed half of them I quickly took a shower and went to Brahma Kumaris center for morning meditation or to see whatever their offer is. The guy who was introducing all that yesterday inspired me a lot. He was a doctor himself and left his patients for 15 minutes just to briefly explain me what for is Brahma Kumaris - it is like an international enlightenment center doing everything for free.

Like written in the Vedas - true knowledge always is for free. I wanted to check it out - but it was in Hindu and as nobody came to meditation except me - it was not happening. So I went back to Ashram and took a sleep for one more hour and waked up at 9 for a breakfast.:)

After breakfast I went for a walk across a temples. On my way at money exchange point I exchanged my last One Dollar bill and get something around 40 Indian rupees which was enough for me to by a soup and local sim card. That's actually all my needs for next few weeks in India as my next stop is gonna be some ashram, as well.

Varanasi is a quite big and all it's small roads leading up and down very often are so narrow that nearly one man can walk through it. Or maybe I was just taking unpopular tourist roads.

I wanted to get on some roof of the house to take a better pictures of temples located at the coast of river Ganga. So very often I went inside anything I could enter in sometimes even finding myself in some apartment!

Architecture is beautiful here. Each house is different and it is almost impossible to tell how old are they. It seems like across the city it is possible to get around in two ways: by roads and by roofs. Roofing is more interesting as I could see a city from top and how new buildings are replacing the old ones.

Got the message from Leo and Margo - they are still in Nepal and as I cant wait for them it will take me a few more days in as I'm leaving tomorrow - will catch up with them probably in some other city.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM with the President of ISKCON Varanasi (Boss of Krishna Ashram of Varanasi) to Allahabad where I'm gonna stay before continuing further. It's some 6 hours drive from here and even if I would hitchhike I would not get faster so this is a good option for me.