Ever wondered what does enlightenment is? How to understand the Omnipresent Truth? What is happening after death? Is there really an afterlife? Why being vegetarian is healthy and vegan is not? What are the best meditation practices?


Hello, My name is Martins Ate I do music since I'm five. I had my band since I'm 15 and since then I choose to attend studio from time to time with my friends to together for some play. This hobby of mine gave me the opportunity to freelance for one of the Hollywood's TOP 5 Movie Director Randal Kleiser (http://www.randalkleiser.com) and launch my own private music records label and studio - BlackSeaRecords.com and that made me open an opportunity to records more meaningful songs - Songs on Truth. They really gives you enlightenment! There are 108 essences of what is needed to  be enlightened gathered together in one peace.

In this book you will find mind-blowing verses used by zHustlers music project gathered from different religious traditions worldwide. Reader will have insight of ancient mysticism and art of meditation from traditions like Vedas, Bible and Christian Gospel, Freemasonry, Yoga, Islam, Sufism, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Kabbalah presented by authors like Patanjali, Prophet Muhammad, Milarepa, Edwin Arnold, Veda Vyasa, Peter Cole, Kalidasa, Michael A. Sells, Mansur al- Hallaj, Kabir, Niffari, Andrew Harvey, Eryk Hanut, Rumi, Sultan Valad, Mahmud Shabistari, Rabi´a al-Adawiyya, Sanai, Saadi, Attar, Jami, Farid ud Din Attar, Yunus Emre, Rabindranath Tagore and author himself - Martins Ate - with author comments of each of them in order to eliminate daily stress and gain understanding of Truth. Read together with listening to the music online - search for "zHustlers" mindsets on your music player and enjoy reading together with smooth chilled out dubby reggae beat.As “spirit,” human beings have consciousness, which allows them to rise above the sensory experiences they have in any given moment. Doing so we reduce our ego. Yet, at the same time, we are bound to our physical bodies, senses and instincts, like any other animal. They are part of the natural world and are subject to the risks and vulnerabilities of mortality, including death and cause us degradation of a spirit. So aim of our life should be focusing on highest heard things in a lifetime to guarantee acquisition of the next birth at some place nice.


And formula to it lies in the successful implementation of one'sDharma (designation), Artha (profession), Kama (pleasure) and finally -Moksha (redemption). So My Dharma and Artha and Kama is to make songs about Truth. Sometimes I pick up artists sometimes I make up some poetry myself.

Have you ever though about any our enlightenment starts with a sound we hear from the Speech. So we have to choose wisely which sounds do we feed our consciousness from similarly like which food we feed our bellies with.




Since five years old I fell for the first time in love with music by attending piano classes. Later the variety of instruments learned at the music school grow to xylophone, drums, guitar, electric guitar bass guitar and plenty of other less known and more national instruments of different nations from different parts of the globe collected during constant moving around and traveling.

So I want to introduce you to one amazing peace of a book - 108 Infinite Mindsets of zHustlers.

Understanding different cultures which is so important while doing so important work in a studio where we transform your precious imagination into the peace of art accessible by everyone in non deviated state.

zHustlers is an ancient wisdom mindset music project to remind everyone that the aim of a life is happiness and free one from a mindsets of slavery. Formula to it lies in the successful implementation of one's Dharma (designation), Artha (profession), Kama (gained pleasure) and finally - Moksha (redemption). In this book reader will find ancient mindset poetry used by zHustlers music project gathered from different religious traditions worldwide and some poetry made up by Martins Ate as well with comments on each of them in order to eliminate daily stress and gain understanding of Truth. Read together with listening to the music online - search for "zHustlers" mindsets on your music player and enjoy reading together with smooth chilled out dubby reggae beat.

It is worrying how world today strives too hard and people are irresponsibly ignoring systems control mechanisms stretching its roots deeper and deeper in our daily life selling to people lowest level happiness’s for the highest price of a Life - increasing stress and decreasing aims.

This also has affected the music we are listening to daily. Music was never supposed to be as degrading as it is today. Even Rockefeller Foundation had an interest in making sure the United States adopted the 440 Hz standard back in 1935 as part of a “war on consciousness” leading to “musical cult control.” If you look down the right paths, it becomes clear that governments and various security apparatuses have used music to control us using music. All the music of the West that’s based on the standard 12-tone scale is used for the management of crowds as well as thought control not even talking about scenes considered as erotic 50 years ago being pumped for keeping consciousness at the lowest states of existence.

 The monopolization of the music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psychosocial agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illnesses and financial impositions profiting the agents, agencies, and companies engaged in the monopoly. For thousands of years music has been used for creative motivation and inspiration for usefulness and striving for Truth. Today's pop-music is setting up your mind for trouble causing and life devastating problems, having focus on animal level meanings. Even if it is hard to prove and it is very arguable question on human rights etc. - this book is mostly nothing else than extractions from ancient sacred scriptures used in zHustlers music from saints and persons who have reached the highest truth with knowledge valuated for millennia’s.

Desire to be a part of humanity assisting fellow mates on our path for Truth based on Love, Divinity and Unity led me found my own music record label Black Sea Records giving similar minded artists opportunity to record themselves and spread the message of Love - that’s where I also do all my work on zHustlers. The praises I have chosen to sing for zHustlers have been inside me for years. I have chosen my favourite ones to sing about - the ones, which describes at the best my own understanding on God through my wide travelling & tripping experiences. I hope that you will find some attractive mindsets to see power yourself up for striving for Truth. The toughest part of this book is a full Patanjali Yoga Sutras with my comments on them - as they are mindsets used in zHustlers music.

The Vedas suggest that the Truth is beyond faith, magic and knowledge. This book is about looking at all religions as "lettucie
s under One Sun" - each being in One and fully depending on One with one aim - to reach the One - Truth - avoiding Speciesism. Poems of various writers are extractions from the lyrics I used in songs starting from first album placed in the beginning of this book and last one - at the end in order to lift the veil from a reader and listener of these magical mindsets. Patanjali Yoga sutras - the full excerption of which is included in this book - is considered as a main knowledge to understand the Whole. In the music, they are represented in two albums - Eight Magic Balls 1 and 2 covering whole course of Yoga Sutras.

What does zHustlers means? "z" is taken from as last letter in the Latin alphabet expressing "Last" so fully meaning The Last Hustlers. Last due to believe that with increased dependency on robotics and A.I. and brainwave technology like 5G, bio magnetic fintech development like NFC, after millennials will come out brain fried beings with less inner power to achieve personal goals - to hustle - and future society might be kept as a pets supervised by bots. So this book is for those last ones who wish to understand their goals and achieve them without depending on all what's happening around. To be the last goal achievers - the last hustlers - by lifting the vail of ignorance with ancient wisdom mindsets while there is still a moment available to do so.

Since I was a kid - everything I did was for some kind of a "tick-mark": did this, done that, been there, had those, tick, tick, tick, tick.... And suddenly - a moment came when there was no anymore empty space left for a tick-marks. Not even a one wish left. Everything was ticked. I did everything I wanted to. My material life as I was living it - through the prism of wishes - stopped that day. I needed the time to find out the reasons to exist in my body again. 

From a hunter I become vegetarian that time - did not had a wish to kill anymore or to have a presence of death in my body. I hosted direct disciples of His Highness Dalai Lama at my house in Baltezers, Latvia where I had discussions with them regarding this topic for over ten days. I started valuating people by the way they treat their life's duties not they public appearance. I quit smoking weed for around two years and when I looked at the woman all I could see was her mission of life not how sexy or beautiful she was. I quit bending for public opinion. I was free. 

Since that moment I'm not doing the things because I want to do them. I do the things I choose or agree to do if it makes any sense. 
This book contains 108 most favorite pure vegetarian recipes of reggae musician and entrepreneur Martins Ate discovered across the world during his constant travelings and expeditions. Marvelous deserts from Thailand, including wonders of Japanese kitchen ending up with Turkish wraps and American Burgers - everything to inspire you for healthy and ayurvedically balanced meals.

Briefly - because of the munchies I get after a fat spliff is the reason I care for tasty food! As from Europe, the very first time I had an experience with Indian style food was in Vedic cooking classes in Belgium. While living in Brussels, as a vegetarian, I gathered many same minded people for Vedic culinary classes. The teacher of all that was from local Hare Krishna Radhadesh community and her amazing knowledge on how she was explaining all fruit, seed, vegetable qualities, mixing them up together with herbs and spices in the pan gave the mouth most maximum taste. She gave me inspiration for my restaurant business I continued later as McHalumi and the reason for this book to appear - to pass the knowledge gathered from ayurvedic cooking classes.

I became a vegetarian back in 2005. Before that I didn't have much experience with vegetables - I guess it is hard for all people who have got used to eating meat as the main diet to become a vegetarian I guess. For me the problem was in the usage of vegetables as some side-dish - I never thought of mixing them up with spices as for the main dish. I never knew how to make anything out of vegetables except some salad. That’s for sure not enough for a daily dish - a proper, tasty meal which satisfies your mind and body. In a morning I’m drinking usually yogurt blended with nuts and fruits. At noon I eat something proper and heavy like pizza, rice, chick peace, daal, bread, etc., but in the afternoon usually, my wives cooks some mixed vegetables. In the evenings we drink warm milk with spices. It increases good sleep quality and made properly with ghee makes rich ayurvedic spices to influence our mind and body during our sleep. Today all my family and kids are vegetarian. 
The spices described in this book are also strictly beneficiary accordingly to ayurvedic traditions. And blended in the dish are not so spicy even if it is crowded with spicy herbs. Few examples can be told like Cardamom - it's a natural antibacterial thing which helps us clean our bodies. Turmeric - there are dozens of books regarding the use of turmeric in blood cleansing. The same for Ginger which is like the main ingredient. Cumin seeds help our digestive system and anise seeds help to digest the food.


Many people nowadays are worried about where to get protein. However the top 3 protein sources in the world is rice, peace and beans. It's balanced. All in one dish. So at least one of your meals per day can be balanced and proper. In my cooking, I'm trying to avoid canned food preparing all from fresh and local ingredients. I know the farms I'm buying milk from. I make my own yogurt and cottage cheese called Paneer. So everything is "local", made with Love and with devotion to Love. In most of the cases even Ghee I make myself.
I do not use cooking oil. I use a product called Ghee because its resistance capacity to the high temperatures is much higher so giving the ability to cook higher quality dishes. Ghee is a product of cows. It is made from fresh milk after it is cleared from cream, then blended into butter then purified by boiling it and dividing the existent butter into 2 parts - fats and shiny golden oil - Ghee. So due to this procedure Ghee has been always a valuable product in any house and in Vedic times families richness was even counted by the quantity of Ghee in their households. So that's the basic ingredient for any cooked meal I normally would use for dishes I would eat myself and give to my guests.
Read more at www.ate.gs

This planet is like a school - one day - there will be that day - you have to quit it not only with your body but also with your soul. You can stay for many years and even lifetimes at the one grade but one day the life will find the ways to make you leave it. And we all on Earth are so much the same - born out of our wishes - not duties. Slaving for our wishes not purposes. Like the real first graders... So to be FREE first we have to cut off our EGO for which we are slaving for.

Diery products are the basis for ayurvedical kitchen as even an oil in which the food is cooked in is made from purified butter made from cows milk. 
And regarding the Cow - it's been a subject of a mass discussion recently which also need for deeper explenation of a cows essence of existence and duties from Sanskrit - Devangari - Gods language point of view. 

Why cows milk is so important - is due to that was an animal brought to the Earth by our creators from another planet - planet from where our creators came from. Planet where Egoism is at least 100 times lower than on Earth. Planet where creatures are concious enough to respect each others existance claim for experiences unregardless of a life form taken. So on that Planet also all creatures understand their purpose of existance and use of gained body.

Cow is also a creature with 100 times less rgo than human and any other animal on Earth. Cow even being on Earth understands it's necessity for providing milk as its used on higher planets but on Earth it's just by accident due to creation of selfish slaves - humans - for the purpose of Creators but left here for us a a gift - a gift to percieve a product which is generaly  from a so called paradise. We are what we eat - and Creators of us has laid down in their instructions for Humanity - Vedas - benefits of each and every creation describing cows milk as conciousnes purifying, ego reducing product recommended for everyone saying that cows milk is a blessing from above. 

Recently there is massive vegan agenda going on again diery products. Have you ever wondered why never vegetarianism had active social campaigns going on but vegans now are promoted everywhere? Even if badly treated cows in diery farms is indeed an unforgivefull act - it is really not reason enough to not consume milk products as milk's thin and concious energy is 100 times higher than Earth average understanding of happiness and can give for humanity a valuable spiritual growth. It is rather a reason for humanity to rethink mass milk production policies and stronger regulate cows rights. If all vegans who scream for bad cows conditions and suggest because of that not consuming diery products to invite people for mass actions on treating cow as indeed something special on which humanity has grown for millenias on - that would be a good better step for humanity. 

Even if milk is boiled in microwave and with all chemicals what they add in Western countries - it's still most unique almost alien product for wonderful availability of humanity we should treat as most precious gift for us - not avoid it ats it's bennefits even in this conditions are tremendous.

On average vegetarians live 15/20 years longer than people eating food from any thinking creature, they are less attending doctors, have more healthy and younger looking body and thats just becaouse of non violence food makes non violence and harmonious life. 
So rethink your diet - eat conciously. Avoid vegan babylon system agenda, roll more spliffs and cook in ghee. Check out this latest cookbook now also in hardcopy!
But milk is good to drink only in the evening, cheese in the day time, yoghurt in the mornings. If scientists who screams about bad influence of a milk on a health would read the instructions for them - they would make their decisions right. So drink milk and be vegetarian for a happy life and thank some cow esch time you get a milk - as its a MAGIC!;)

Originaly zHustlers was founded back in 2006. This was a first song after a long break still keeping heaviness and purely original lyrics briefly explaingin the history of humanity and reason why we are confused about gods and God aswell as why Cesars always proclaimed that their got the power from Gods.

Google or search for zHustlers mindsets in your music player like Anghami, Napster, Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, Sounclound, Pandora, Youtube, etc! Moreover, think twice before you listen to the next latest radio hit again! 

May Peace and Happiness be with all.



So many conspiracy theories some of them is hard to not to believe out there. Why some information is hidden? Why there are Information wars on influence over our minds? Who is paying billions for this to do so? It's a One Hand's Democracy - Sheep Show. Creating in my introduction described mind influential music to confuse and degredate society by that ruling the reality and destroying the humanity.


Fals ego virtuality - all those things unneeded we are just buying and using because we are consumers. Since childhood being raised to be like a squirell in a wheel to do a slave run after your impressed desires making your wheel turn faster and faster untill you are one of those 48% of US citizens today who are unable to pay for the housing themselves.
And why this system exists and who supports it? In ancient sumerian civilization manuscripts is written that highly developed beings visited Earth in order to get minerals and gold from Earth. First humans where even cloned. There are described 300 highly qualified scientists from outer space coming here for a purpose of creating us for to be slave for them - colonizators.

So the life cicle on Earth is privritten, the answer on why we find human bones millions of years old but know our history only few thousand years? Because human had a nature not to listen so much as expected it to be to the Creator(s) and they just have to wipe these sheeps from time to time out. They have even worned about it happening from time to time. Then returning and mixing survival genes with next modification. No evolution. Even Darwin himself admited it with tears in his eyes by the death bed. We are supervised and whatever choices we are offered - they are predetermined by those who is holding power of the cage.



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