Whether selling VPN services or claiming for more opened accounts, the use of a carefully considered PR plan will give your business twice the promotional power. Need more ideas on how to market your business? FXEQT can help you with writing targeted news in order to attract your customers!

1. Determine Your Objectives – Your PR objectives should correspond with your business goals. Do you want higher deposits? Gain more subscribers or find clients for your niche business?

Decide what you want and let those objectives be the structure you build upon. All your efforts should be aimed at achieving those goals.

FXEQT helps you understand Your Target Market – Focusing your tactics on the specific audience looking for you is essential for PR success. The Internet is a big marketplace and not everyone surfing the web is looking for your products or services.

We determine who is your potential customer, and then create content to attract them. and then - distribute it where they will read it.

Reach your brand's full potential on Facebook!

Facebook is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep up with it. As we work daily with it we grow with it and within so. We provide massive variations of your news sharing in Facebook groups around your targeted countries.
Together with TARGETED ADVERTISEMENTS which in some cases can cost as low as even 250$ per month this works just excellent to find you new leads.

Whether you need a crystal clear Facebook strategytraining to get you or your staff off and running, or custom tabs to feature your priority content, I can help!
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  • 1-hour conference call
  • Evaluation of current efforts
  • Strategic recommendations
  • $1,000

  • $100 for one hour
  • $175 for two hours
  • $225 for three hours
Group posts*
  • $500 per month

2. Create An Editorial Calendar – Press releases are an ideal way to get the word out on your business. Using press release services can help you find the right journalists and distribute your press releases effectively afterwards.

To establish a steady flow of news your audience can use, create a 12 month calendar of content ideas that will bring attention to your brand.

3. Develop a Media Database – Who are the journalists that cover your industry? They are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding outlets that may be interested in your news.

Explore general publications with editors who specialize in topics related to your brand -- such as lifestyle or technology, check out niche websites that might appeal to your audiences and explore freelance writers/bloggers who focus on your industry.

4. Decide On Tactics – How do you want to get your word out? You’ve started with press release services but you can build from there.

You can create a blog, get a business Facebook page, or create a Twitter account to start, but always keep in mind where your audience is hanging out online.

For example, potential fitness vacation clients might tend to be women trying to get on the fitness track so chances are they may spend more time on Pinterest and less time on Twitter. Corresponding tactics should be geared at this audience’s favorite channels and behavior.